Creation of the Hub of Health Science and Medical Integration

Sharing of Research Facilities and Machinery

The Health Innovation & Technology Center (HITEC) of the Health Sciences Faculty of Hokkaido University provides private businesses and researchers with well-developed research facilities and equipment, which contributes to R&D conducted by companies.For use of the facilities and equipment, please contact HITEC or the Promotion Office for Regional Innovation Strategy of NOASTEC Foundation.

Research Facilities and Equipment possessed by HITEC

Analysis Menu

● Quantitative analysis of medium- and long-chain fatty acids (HPLC internal reference method)

● Lipid Peroxidation Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis

● Lipoprotein: Particle Calibrator (barometer for arterial sclerosis),Subclass Analysis, Oxidized Lipoprotein Quantity

● Identification and Quantitative Analysis of Antioxidants

● Antioxidant activity measuring method (antioxidant capacity inhibiting the oxidation of lipid, ORAC assay, DPPH assay)

● Cell experiments and animal model for human diseases for development of functional foods.


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