Creation of the Hub of Health Science and Medical Integration

Programs for Human Resource Development

Health Innovation College
(Northern Advancement Center for Science and Technology)

Health Innovation College (HIC) fosters professionals who can utilize the contemporary knowledge about food functionality to help people maintain and promote good health and avoid developing diseases. HIC also fosters professionals who can develop innovative food products with functional ingredients to encourage prosperity in the food industries.

Basic Program

Qualified Attendee:

● Certified persons such as registered dietitians, functional food consultants, and health-care professionals

● Personnel in food industries that engage in product development

● University students, Graduate students

e Learning

Study program on the Internet provided for students who cannot attend the Basic or the Advanced Program


● [Food Functionality and Health] (10 classes)

● [Food and Health Information ] (15 classes)

Advanced Programs

Qualified Attendee:

● Persons who completed the Basic Program

Food Ingredients Development Course,Food and Health Research Course,Food and Medicine Integration Course

● Programs were developed with cooperation of Prof. and Dr. Jun Nishihira, Hokkaido Information University, and Prof. and Dr. Takanori Moriyama, Graduate School of Health Science, Hokkaido University

● These programs are supported by the Hokkaido Association of Functional Food Consultant and the Hokkaido Dietetic Association


Promotion Office for
Regional Innovation Strategy
NOASTEC Foundation
TEL: +81-11-757-2288


Project Manager Training Program for Innovation (Hokkaido University)

The innovation manager training course aims to produce new innovation leaders to create sustainable innovation. Future innovation leaders are expected to have expertise to launch new R&D projects and businesses, generate intellectual asset and promote international cooperation.

Basic education courses

Qualified Attendee:

●Students, business personnel, and local government personnel

engaged in research and research planning


Practice course

Qualified Attendee:

●Companies, universities, and research institutes



Cooperation between government, industry and academia to generate innovation

● Basic knowledge of the government, industry and academia cooperation

● Structure of Cooperation

● Cooperation Process

  • Government, Industry and Academia Cooperation Coordination
  • Innovation
  • Management and Strategy

Development Cooperation/Japan Society for Intellectual Production


Project Manager Training Program for Innovation Center for Innovation and Business Promotion, Hokkaido University


URL: pm_train/index.html

Qualification for a
project manager

  • 1 Sagacity for imagining the possibilities of business prospects, with ability of understanding of science and social needs.
  • 2 Interactive strategy between commercialization and research development to create a cycle making sellable products.
  • 3 Knowledge and coordination skills for each step of the innovation process.

(①②③corresponds with the number in the chart.)